Tightening Up Your Home - Start With An Energy Audit

Sometimes it pays to have an energy expert tell you how to make make your home more energy efficient. During an energy audit, a professional inspector normally will visit your home to identify potential energy-saving measures.

They'll peer into your attic. Measure the depth of the insulation. Crawl under your house. Check seals around windows and doors. Check your appliances. Count your windows and check to see if they're double-paned. They'll usually prepare a written report explaining what needs to be done to your home to reduce your energy consumption.

Many local electric and gas utilities offer energy audit services, or can refer you to private sources for this service. Either check out their website, or call their customer phone number - both should be listed on your energy bill(s).

You can also do your own energy audit. Links at the bottom right will give you locations for do-it-yourself home energy audit websites. Check the links at the top right for the areas that you can tighten up.