Telecommuting or Teleworking to Save Energy

Many companies allow their workers to work at home during the business day rather than travel into a regular office. Telecommuting or teleworking can help reduce transportation energy costs dramatically because workers do not travel to and from home to their offices.

As computer technologies and "broadband" connections to the Internet get faster, telecommuting has become more common. A worker can be at home or in a close-by satellite office and be able to connect into their company's e-mail system, share information with coworkers, and even transfer their telephone calls to a distant location.

Workers can also communicate in person to their co-workers right from their computers via instant messaging, or small digital cameras and microphones. As the bandwidth issues of the Internet are increased and technology improves, more and more people will be able to actually hear and see the other person via computer connections.

If you are interested in telecommuting, ask your company's personnel or human resources office to see if they offer such a program.